Franklin Wheelhouse

The only endorsed TRX facility in Williamson County.


"At 56, I'm the strongest and fittest I've ever been. I've never felt better!" ~ Jane M


"I love how every class is something different, it keeps it fresh!" ~ Lisa L


"I have maintained a 30 pound weight loss for a year. My arthritis has improved and I feel so much stronger." ~ Lyric O



GROUP 1: 7:30am M/W/F - *FULL. Wait List Only
Group 2: 8:30am M/W/F - *FULL. Wait List Only
Group 3: 4:15 M/W/F - *FULL. Wait List Only
Group 4: 5:30pm Sun/W/F - *FULL. Wait List Only

Franklin Wheelhouse Coronavirus Operational Guidelines

Your Wheelhouse of Health.

You already know there are many benefits to being strong and flexible, but sometimes life gets in the way and it's hard to take the time to commit to your personal health and wellness. It could be that you aren't sure what steps to take to make the change, or you are afraid to give things a try that you may have never done before. This cycle of knowing you need to do something for yourself, but not taking the next step can leave you feeling stuck.

Let Franklin Wheelhouse help you achieve your transformation. You've got this!

Small Group Training

3 Trainings Each Week, 1 Semester Commitment

Our Group Trainings operate in Semesters - Fall, Spring & Summer. This gives our clients an opportunity to set both short and long-term goals while providing added flexibility. COMMIT by enrolling online in a training semester with a $100 deposit. CHOOSE a training schedule and payment plan that best meets your needs. SHOW UP and we'll get after those goals you set!

These trainings are geared for both men and women, all ages and stages. And no, you are not penalized for joining a semester after our start date. We'll pro-rate the remaining sessions and will ensure you are seamlessly integrated. Class substitutions and online workouts are also provided for those with travel schedules, etc. Our goal is that you complete 3 trainings each week and we'll do whatever we can to help support YOU getting there!

What We Do

FRANKLIN WHEELHOUSE helps you explore the possibilities and range of your personal fitness and wellness. We give you the compass, but encourage you to take the wheel.

Franklin Wheelhouse Culture

We don't compete or compare-neither should you. We are part of a world culture consumed with body image and health trends. The evolving social standard can be intimidating and defeating-especially when you're feeling less than confident in your own skin. We get it. Your health is important. And, you just want to feel good, right? At FWH, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. We are committed to helping YOU live your best life. Your fitness journey begins with a mindset and a commitment to just show up. We'll guide you through the rest. FWH provides a safe place for you to progress in your physical health without judgement from your trainer, peers, and most importantly, yourself.

Why TRX?

Results are our success. That's why we've earned the distinction as the only endorsed TRX Training Facility in Williamson County. TRX strengthens the body as a system by modeling the functional movement patterns you use every day whether you're a high-performance athlete or an average mover. Created by Navy Seal Commander, Randy Hetrick, TRX leads the international fitness industry in its innovative training approach delivering solid results in a short amount of time. There's no other training method like it. It's smart, it's efficient and; it delivers.