Locally owned & operated in Franklin Tennessee

Strength Training


We structure each of our Strength Trainings to meet 3 times each week for the duration of a single semester – Fall, Spring or Summer. All trainings are also offered online for convenient member accessibility.

Trainings are geared for both men and women, all ages and stages and consist of functional movement body-weight strength exercises using proven methods and simple modalities including the TRX suspension trainer. 

Experience personal training within a supportive group setting. We are experts at custom-designing our sessions to meet individual needs, match group progress, and obtain results.

Yin Yoga


Our Yin Yoga classes use relaxed, relatively still postures to gently stress the soft connective tissue surrounding the spine, joints and muscles. In yin, we approach modifications as the norm, not the exception. Our bodies are structurally unique by design, therefore, aesthetic alignment is not encouraged. Classes will practice breath work,  gratitude, and mindfulness as a means of calming the body and mind.

Franklin Wheelhouse Culture

We get it. Your health is important. And, you just want to feel good, right? At FWH, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. We are committed to helping YOU live your best life. Your fitness begins with a mindset and a commitment to simply show up. We’ll provide safe and efficient training that makes sense for your body and your goals. Gift yourself the time and space to feel your best with the experience, expertise, support and accountability at FWH.

Kelly is the only TRX Advanced Trainer in Williamson County and FWH is the only TRX endorsed training facility in the county. Read what some of her clients are saying here.

Why TRX?

Results are our success. That’s why we’ve earned the distinction as the only endorsed TRX Training Facility in Williamson County. TRX strengthens the body as a system by modeling the functional movement patterns you use every day whether you’re a high-performance athlete or an average mover. Created by Navy Seal Commander, Randy Hetrick, TRX leads the international fitness industry in its innovative training approach delivering solid results in a short amount of time. There’s no other training method like it. It’s smart, it’s efficient and; it delivers.

Randy Hetrick, TRX Founder / Kelly Kanski, FWH Owner