Meet the Owner

I’m not much different from you. I can overeat and under-exercise. I get stressed  and have trouble meeting deadlines. Sometimes I think between all the spandex and ponytails we believe perfect health is just that…perfect. In my 13 years of leading health and fitness, I’ve never, not once, found perfect. What I have found though is people with the same imperfect human blueprint as me. People desiring to feel healthy and strong and needing guidance to get there. I’m most passionate about how exercise strengthens us; both inside and out. It pains me to see people going through the motions of life as place-holders in their family systems and communities. We were made for so much more! I believe exercise is a superpower. It’s the most under-prescribed drug and has the power to remove barriers and calibrate daily living; empowering you to live your best life. As a single mom, business owner and full time student, I’ve been through some really tough times and I understand how immobilizing life can be. For me, exercise brings clarity, connection, healing, and strength. Guiding others in health and fitness is what gets me up in the morning; it’s my passion and I’m beyond grateful to share this gift with you. Whether you are improving your current condition or maintaining healthy living, Franklin Wheelhouse has been thoughtfully curated to help you feel your best. ~ Kelly Kanski 13 years experience  |  NASM CPT  |  Nutrition WLS  |  Advanced TRX Trainer  |  Bachelor’s in Psychology Trainer and Franklin Wheelhouse Owner Kelly Kanski has led movement and inspired change for over 13 years.  She maintains a NASM CPT and Nutrition licensure and over 10 fitness certifications while currently working toward a Masters in Psychology. Kelly is the only TRX Advanced Group Trainer in Williamson County and owns the only TRX endorsed facility in the County. Read what some of her clients are saying here.