About FWH

I began my work in health and fitness 12 years ago, privileged to learn from some of the best and most well-respected folks in the industry. I enjoyed rich class and client experiences and began to cultivate a more intrinsic training approach that has proven to be both fundamentally sound and effective for my clients. With a heap of encouragement and a bit of grit, guts, and determination, (gulp) Franklin Wheelhouse was conceived.

At Franklin Wheelhouse, each small group or personal training session is designed with intent and tailored to your current physical state and achievable result. By approaching exercise as functional, integrative movement, I can adapt a framework for exercise based on each individual. Value comes from my ability to understand your body signals, alignment, and movement patterns. Where and when to push, pull, apply pressure, or to simply stay is key. My methodology uses simple modalities to increase strength, improve body composition, and promote balanced and effective movement for all ages and spectrums.

Many walk through the doors of Franklin Wheelhouse not knowing what it’s like to feel good in their bodies. The simple truth is that we were designed to move! Training at Franklin Wheelhouse means you are part of an inclusive community. Your training is intended to keep you strong, injury-free, medically healthy, and emotionally balanced so you can live your best life.

Creating transformation through movement and empowerment is my passion! I am privileged to actualize exercise science and cultivate a change in you. I desire for you to understand who you are, and that you are enough—even as we work to improve your current condition.

Experience the culture at Franklin Wheelhouse and see for yourself.

– Kelly Kanski

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Trainer and Franklin Wheelhouse Owner Kelly Kanski has led movement and inspired change for over 12 years.  She maintains a NASM CPT and Nutrition licensure and over 10 fitness certifications. Kelly is the only TRX Advanced Group Trainer in Williamson County and owns the only TRX endorsed facility in the County. Read what some of her clients are saying here.