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Nutrition & Fitness Tips

Kickstart – Day 1

Good Morning Sunshine! During the next 4 days, I am committed to sending you a video link as well as nutrition information to help encourage and spur you on toward fueling your body better and empowering you to live better. Please remember, your Kickstart may look different than mine according to your tastes, budget, schedule […]

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Opportunity In Crisis

Opportunity in Crisis During this international health crisis, most of us are staying in our homes. How are you doing in there? If you are feeling isolated, victimized or fearful, I would urge you to remember who you are and that you have more power than you think to control the reactive impulses you might […]

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Member Letter: Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

To my FWH Tribe! I hope you are all healthy and strong and loving on your families! Anne and I returned from Ireland on Tuesday and have both been tested Corona-free and show no symptoms…YAY!  I am so thankful for the pre-scheduled vacation closure at FWH. It’s allowed me to get home, get acclimated and […]

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Egg Recipes

Egg Recipes Breakfast Burritos Fill corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon or turkey sausage and veggies. Roll up and wrap in parchment paper and store in fridge or freezer. Reheat for a quick on-the-go breakfast. California Omelette Fold thinly sliced avocado inside all-egg omelette and add a dollop of plain greek yogurt. Egg Muffins […]

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Kickstart Welcome

FWH NUTRITIONAL KICKSTART The Kickstart requires quick and easy prep work, keeping you out of the kitchen and eliminates having to make food decisions. During the next 4 days, you are breaking the addiction your body has with processed food products high in gluten, sugar, salt and GMOs. As with any addiction, you may experience […]

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  Success: 100 lbs “I was at the end of myself and ready to do something about it. I never thought I’d lose 100 pounds. Didn’t think I would be as empowered as I am…as a woman. I feel like I can do more things. I didn’t think I’d transform like I did.” Anne walks […]

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Success: 30 lbs in 4 months “Kelly is so encouraging and makes it fun and interesting. So many different things. You never do the same thing…Who knew this little bit of guidance could be so effective in my life!” Gilreath. Is that Irish? Scottish, I think. Where are you from? I grew up in South […]

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Denise 3 Months Later…

I’m seeing less and less of my wife these days. It’s not that we aren’t getting along—it’s just that she is literally getting smaller every time I see her! The last six months have been pretty magical around our house. I’ve watched Denise transform her life by finding a comfortable path to more energy, getting […]

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“I think there are a lot of people who think they’re too old, or too out of shape. It doesn’t seem to phase Kelly or this community here at Franklin Wheelhouse. I don’t think there’s anyone who would watch someone walk in and think, “Oh wow, they won’t be able to workout.” That would just […]

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