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Success: 22.6 lbs in 4 months “It’s a self-confidence. I was trying to hide before. I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m comfortable in my own skin.” Where are you from? Louisiana, home of Britney Spears. I took aerobics from her mom. Family? My husband is from Louisiana, as well, Mitch, and our three […]

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Success: Solace “Exercise gives me confidence. And, certainty in my person. Clarity in my person.” Where are you from? I’m a Nashvillian and now a Franklinite, or however you’d say it! Your family? Very small family. Living, I have a sister and a mother, a husband and two dogs. I very much enjoy my “stepmonstas.” They […]

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Success:  14 inches and 20 Pounds Lost “Not only have I shed inches, but I’ve shed the worries about the inches.” Where are you from? My Dad was an IBMer, so we moved around. We’ve been here since ’98 from North Carolina. Family? I’m married to Jeff. My daughter Amanda, 22, just graduated from University of Alabama. She’s engaged […]

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Success: Connection It’s hard to explain, but once that fog of solitude and loneliness was lifted, I thought, “I’m not going to live like this the rest of my life.” I wanted to go back to the gym. When I arrive at the Franklin Wheelhouse, Heather Williams is outside pruning a large flower pot artfully […]

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