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COVID-19 Protocols

Franklin Wheelhouse operates as a dedicated, local business serving the Grassland community in Franklin, TN since 2013. The safety and health of our members and surrounding community is our top priority. We pledge to:

  1. Treat our guests with honor and respect
  2. Value the opinions and viewpoints of our members
  3. Provide a refuge of safety, health and welfare to the best of our ability

Online Classes

Online streaming of classes is available with paid membership. TRX straps are available for rent with a $100 deposit refundable upon return. 

FWH Class Procedures

  1. Masks are required in the lobby area before entering the studio. Masks are optional during trainings.
  2. No sharing of equipment is permitted during class.
  3. Equipment (including mats and TRX straps) will be cleaned and given 24 hours minimum sanitation time between use.
  4. All studio doors (except bathrooms) will remain open to eliminate unnecessary surface cross-contamination.
  5. We recommend bringing your own water. We also have water bottles available. Our water cooler is available at your discretion.
  6. Trainings will be designed for 50 minutes or less to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all equipment before and after each training session. This will include TRX handles, mats and additional training tools. 
  7. Instructors will lead classes from a more contained space.   A current liability waiver must be signed exempting Franklin Wheelhouse and it’s participants from any and all liability relating to COVID-19.
  8. If you are experiencing symptoms, please refrain from studio classes. Franklin Wheelhouse has the right to deny participation if there is cause for concern.
  9. This FWH plan may change as new information becomes available.

FWH Cleanliness Provisions

  1. Franklin Wheelhouse operates with a hospital grade HVAC system and added UV light filtration for additional air flow sanitation. Humidity levels are set at the lowest point.  All filters are checked and replaced timely.
  2. Franklin Wheelhouse is cleaned and disinfected daily and between classes. This includes door handles, floors, equipment, surfaces, etc. We will continue to thoroughly clean before and after every class to ensure all equipment and surfaces are sanitized.
  3. New mats and TRX Straps were purchased April 2020. All mats are constructed with environmentally friendly TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) closed cell foam. They are 100% latex, PVC, phthalates and chloride free. *TPE is key as it denotes no water or body fluid absorption.
  4. Mat-Klein is used to clean equipment and surfaces. Mat-Kleen is a phosphate-free disinfectant cleaner designed to clean, deodorize and disinfect all TPE and non-porous surfaces. Matt-Kleen is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal (including HIV-1, HBV and HCV) and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.
  5. Zep is used for cleaning floors and hard surfaces which reportedly kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria including HIV, MRSA and influenza. This product is suggested for use against the coronavirus.

A word from Kelly regarding COVID-19:

To our amazing community,

Franklin Wheelhouse has always based its business philosophy on two simple truths: 1. We are made to move.  2. We are meant for connection. I’m incredibly proud of our ability to pivot during crisis and maintain both movement and connection during COVID-19. During the business shut downs, Franklin Wheelhouse hasn’t skipped a beat. We’ve implemented custom online trainings and an accountability app for our existing client base—and we’ve offered a free nutrition program. We’ve done this because we care and we know that movement through connection is a superpower! It removes barriers and calibrates daily living, empowering us to live our best and only life.

During COVID-19, I’d like to extend our reach even further into our community. Whether you’re improving upon your current condition or maintaining healthy living, our 2021 Training Semester is for all ages and stages and has been thoughtfully curated to help you feel your best.

As a single mom, business owner, and full-time student, I’ve been through some really tough times. And, I understand how immobilizing life can be. COVID-19 has been no exception. However, I believe we have an opportunity to come away from this experience stronger, healthier, and even more resilient. For me, exercise brings clarity, connection, healing, and strength. No matter your current condition, you can change the trajectory of your life. Join me 2021 and let’s get moving again!

~ Kelly Kanski

13 years experience  |  NASM CPT  |  Nutrition WLS  |  Advanced TRX Trainer  |  Bachelor’s in Psychology

Trainer and Franklin Wheelhouse Owner Kelly Kanski has led movement and inspired change for over 13 years.  She maintains a NASM CPT and Nutrition licensure and over 10 fitness certifications while currently working toward a Masters in Psychology. Kelly is the only TRX Advanced Group Trainer in Williamson County and owns the only TRX endorsed facility in the county. Read what some of her clients are saying here.

Proudly serving the Grassland Community in Franklin, TN since 2013. 

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