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I’m seeing less and less of my wife these days. It’s not that we aren’t getting along—it’s just that she is literally getting smaller every time I see her!

The last six months have been pretty magical around our house. I’ve watched Denise transform her life by finding a comfortable path to more energy, getting in shape, eating healthy and, as a result—losing weight. And, she’s done all of it with a smile!

As I write this, she’s down about forty-five pounds! So, what does it take to lose the equivalent of a seven-year-old child? The secret? Well, that’s the hard, frustrating part for most people to understand when they see Denise as a sliver of her former self. They want to hear that there’s a secret formula or some sort of sorcery that helped her get the results they see. The real answer? It’s the old tried-n-true “eat right and exercise!”

Okay, to be fair, HOW she eats, and WHO she works out with has been a large part of the secret. Kelly Kanski of Franklin Wheelhouse in Grassland has been the drill sergeant, nutrition mentor, and encourager that Denise needed to find her focus. The community of women who work out at Form Fitness provided the perfect push/pull for Denise. She was pretty sore after working out the first few sessions—and occasionally still gets a little tender when Kelly puts them through the paces. All in all, Kelly helped design a program that Denise could commit to. 

The impressive part to me is watching Denise’s commitment. I know that others scratch their head sometimes, wondering why they don’t see the same results that she does. The answer is as simple as it is—she simply just doesn’t cheat. Really. Never. She loves the routine, eats all the time, but never strays outside the family of recommended selections. Never. We eat out all the time, and she’s been able to piece together the exact portions of proteins, carbs, and whatever she’s got “left” for the day. But, when the bread comes by, if she’s had her share for the day, she just lets it pass. With a smile. With no guilt for us. She has her eyes on her goal. At home, we often have different meals for the rest of us from what she eats. It’s a little more work, but well worth it. She smiles all the way through it knowing what the end result will be.

I love her no matter what—before, after—whatever. I’m so happy for her to have found this path that has brought her more energy, more fun, better health, and good friendships—the weight loss is really a by-product! And, it is infectious! Yes, I’m eating better, and once my broken leg heals (skiing accident), I’m headed for the gym!

Steve Gilreath

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