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At Franklin Wheelhouse Nutrition Coaching is about integrating healthy foods into your lifestyle and fueling your body for optimal living. For many of us, healthy eating becomes a journey of re-education and self-discovery. It takes time and planning, and it sometimes takes support, coaching, and expertise. The goal is to help you accomplish your ideal weight and body composition while feeling empowered to maintain long-term health. It’s a lifestyle change–one that brings more confidence and richness to your living.

Individual Coaching

Private and confidential individual coaching provides a judgement-free consultation covering the “what” and “why” of your current food habits and lifestyle. We’ll respectfully assess your physical and nutritional condition to build a strategy for reaching your goals in the safest and most efficient manner. We suggest a 12 week minimum commitment to learn and apply our systematic strategy and develop new, long-term eating habits. With each weekly meeting, we will focus on one area of nutritional health and include practical integration strategies, food prep, cooking techniques, and accountability. Although you will feel better and experience measurable results, this is not a diet. This program is aimed to educate, enable, and empower you for your best life.

Small Group Coaching

After completing your individual nutrition coaching, we recommend joining a small group of 2-4 participants. Your group will meet on a weekly basis and apply the knowledge learned during individual coaching with consistency and accountability. Sessions are both supportive and insightful in understanding the personal obstacles that get in the way of  your wellness. Expect to learn more about yourself and how food plays a role in your livelihood. Being part of a small group means that you will receive support and accountability from like-minded individuals. Shared food challenges will provide an alternate perception and understanding, eliciting ideas, strategies and support. 

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