Nutrition Coaching

At Franklin Wheelhouse Nutrition Coaching is about integrating healthy foods into your unique physical makeup and lifestyle, fueling your body for optimal living. For many of us, healthy eating becomes a journey of re-education and self-discovery. It takes time and planning, and it sometimes takes support, coaching, and expertise. The goal is to help you accomplish your ideal weight and feel empowered to maintain long-term health. It’s a lifestyle change–one that brings more confidence and richness to your living.

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Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching is powerful, affordable, and especially effective when you don’t have the willpower to go it alone. Within your group of 2-4 participants, you will receive the same weekly assessment and content material as Individual Coaching. Shared food challenges will provide an alternate perception and understanding, eliciting ideas, strategies, accountability, and support. Your small group is a team that will celebrate successes together.

Individual Coaching

Private and confidential Individual Coaching provides a judgement-free consultation covering the “what” and “why” of your current food habits and lifestyle. We’ll respectfully assess your physical and nutritional condition to build a strategy for best reaching your goals in the safest and most efficient manner. Weekly sessions will carry out this systematic strategy with substantial content, including: practical integration strategies, food prep and cooking techniques, assessment, and accountability. Although you will feel better and experience measurable results, this is not a diet. This program is aimed to educate, enable, and empower you for your best life.