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Reset. Restart. Let's Begin.

Health and Fitness 2021 — Let’s Begin

Goals take time, hard work, perseverance, and commitment to achieve—and achieving anything in life takes practice.

Reset. Restart. (again):)

Everybody needs a reset. Not one of us goes through life at peak performance levels all the time. Sometimes we feel at the top of our game, and other times, we feel less-than-stellar, or even, rock-bottom. No matter the age or stage, we all want to feel good in our skin.  And, we know to feel that way, logically, we need to move well and fuel well on a regular basis. So, where’s the disconnect? What causes us to be so inconsistent with our nutrition and fitness? Why doesn’t what we know always translate to what we do?

First, we are responsive beings. 

We experience injury, stress, life change, financial woes, relationship struggles, parenting, and loss. These experiences frequently boot us off the track of self care. What is your go-to response to change, struggle, loss, and circumstance? Sometimes our health takes a back seat to what is demanding our attention; and other times, we completely sabotage our health in an effort to self-protect and cope. It is important to understand that the ups and downs of life are not exceptions, they are the norm. Not matter how good or bad your life is, you are continually responding to circumstances and emotions beyond your control. That’s what makes it so wonderful, right?!?

Secondly, we are integrated beings.

So many of us still think we can cope by separating our emotional and mental condition from our physical health, but it’s just not possible. Have you ever had an “off-day”? Chances are, there’s something else going on that’s impacting you. Ever noticed you have more aches, pains, and even injuries, when you’re under chronic stress? Ever lost sleep during a crisis? It’s clear that our mind, body, and emotions are powerfully connected.

Here’s an example: Chronic stress actually contributes to brain changes that may lead to anxiety, depression, and addiction.  In order to cope, our physical response is to eat more or decrease sleep and exercise which means that the struggle shows up in our mental, emotional, and physical health. This integration is why consistent workouts and nutrition can be such a struggle. It’s also why being consistent with health and nutrition can be the most powerful tool toward not only physical health, but also, mental and emotional health as well.  Hippocrates first coined the phrase “Exercise is medicine” (460 – 370 BCE). I’ve said it many times: exercise is the most under-prescribed drug on the market today.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How can I consistently care for and prioritize my health despite change, chaos, and stress? 
  • What can I do to minimize the impact of life and its ability to sabotage my health? 
  • What do I need to guide me on a successful journey of physical and nutritional health?

How to Reset Your Health and Fitness in 2021:


Remember what it feels like at the start of a new year? At FWH, we structure our classes by semesters. The start of each semester is full of anticipation and excitement; an opportunity to establish new personal goals and expectations. It’s a reset that comes not once a year, but three times each year.  Every start is intended for you to reflect, set new goals, and re-establish your standard.  This is the first step toward success!


Goals take time, hard work, perseverance, and commitment to achieve—and achieving anything in life takes practice. Each semester at FWH, you set your intention by first selecting your workout schedule in advance. This is really important! You are investing financially in the results you are committed to achieve. An end-goal is only reached one workout at a time! It is important that your workouts take up space on your calendar IN ADVANCE, and that your other activities (if at all possible) are scheduled around your workout time. If you are not committed to a program, other daily activities will take precedent. Inconsistent workouts cannot safeguard your mental and emotional health. You MUST be consistent. Our motto at FWH is to “Just show up.” Only by being consistent in your workouts will you reach and maintain optimal results. There are no shortcuts.


By selecting your workout schedule in advance at FWH, you will be part of a small group community. We believe that when you are accountable to your trainer and your workout group, you will easily complete what you said you would do.  Why? Because we expect you to! And, because we will be rooting for you like crazy! When you go public with your goal, you allow others to rally around you and encourage you. According to an American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) study on accountability, you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And, if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%. At FWH, you have both of these tools.


At FWH, you have the opportunity to set goals and expectations with your trainer and develop a reasonable timeline—utilize this powerful tool! If not your trainer or coach, find a partner or members of your small group you can share your goal and commitment with, and then, give them permission to hold you accountable. Try using an app. There are so many…“StickK” is an online app that allows you to define your goal, develop a timeline, and even put something at stake (think money or reputation). If you don’t fulfill your commitment, the app automatically tells your friends! :-0

The Health and Fitness Bottom Line?

Life circumstances are unavoidable. We will fall off track and we will need to get back on…again and again and again. The key is to limit the falling and know how to get back up. We need to know what our standard is. What does nutrition, energy, and strength feel like in your body? Knowing what your optimal health is, and what it feels like, will provide you a baseline of measurement. Some of us, unfortunately, have never experienced what health feels like. Others may have forgotten, or really aren’t sure, but somehow, we know it’s important. If you do not know what a healthy YOU feels like, I’m asking you to take a risk and try. Start somewhere and be sure to find someone with expertise who can guide you on a successful journey.

Take Action!

If you’d like to learn more about Franklin Wheelhouse, check out our website. If you’d like to take part in a live training class at Franklin Wheelhouse, we’d love to have you! You can find a full schedule listed on the website as well. Hope to see you soon!

Author: Kelly Kanski
BA Psych, NASM CPT, Nutrition WLS, TRX Master Trainer

Quick Look

  • 2021 Classes begin January 6. Register online today.
  • Evening Men’s Class available!
  • Teen Class available!
  • Trainings are 3 days each week, with scheduling options & flexibility
  • Class Size is limited. Lock down accountability and support
  • Each custom training is scalable and progressive. Start exactly where you are and mark your progress. This is your year, your journey.

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