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Success: 22.6 lbs in 4 months

“It’s a self-confidence. I was trying to hide before. I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

Where are you from?

Louisiana, home of Britney Spears. I took aerobics from her mom.


My husband is from Louisiana, as well, Mitch, and our three kids, Mitch, 19, Madeline, 17, and Christian, 15.

You had your kids close together.

Three in 3 years. It was a crazy time.

Tell me about your fitness journey?

I’d always been fairly in shape in my younger years, but you hit the 40s…I’ve done—let me list them: AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge; Weight Watchers; Cocoa Fitness, and walking – each with no success. Nothing. A pound or two, after being faithful without cheating. Then, I talked to Kelly about doing personal training last fall, and that didn’t work out for me. Afterwards, I found out about the Small Group Training and jumped on it. But, I was still eating like a crazy person. While I stopped the gaining, I wasn’t losing. I loved the small group camaraderie. It was very motivating. We started the Summer session, and it was a no brainer. Kelly offered the nutritional component, and reluctantly—and with a bad attitude—I started about a week after everyone else with no hope it would work because of my previous attempts. I have no idea if it is the combo of TRX training with the nutrition—or that I began to walk or run 2 days a week—but, the weight started falling off.

Was there a moment when your transformation hurdled an obstacle?

When I do try to eat healthy, I do it. I very rarely cheat. But, I wasn’t having success on other plans. I’d tell you, my metabolism was shut down. I don’t know what kicked it in, but it did, and I started losing with this program after a week or two. I was shocked because of everything I’d tried before. It has to be the combo of all that we’re doing. I thought, “It’s working!” Then, my weight proceeded to keep dropping. I didn’t even set a goal at first because I didn’t think it would work. I set one after I’d lost about 10 pounds. Now, I’m down 22.6 pounds and within 1.5 lbs of my goal.

Three words about what this has done, how you feel now?

I don’t have the aches and pains I was developing. Amazing! Happy—thrilled! But, you know what else? I started all of this for the weight loss part, and now, I’m almost as excited about the strength part. I have not been this strong since I was a teenager. To do a real push up with my nose to the floor, over and over..that’s exciting to me. Now that I’ve lost the weight, I’m so excited.

How does this seep into the rest of your life?

With me being so petite-framed, Osteoporosis is a concern. I’d always heard that it [strength training] is good for that. Now, I’m seeing the results of strength training. For the last three or four years, I’d wake up stiff, with a sore neck. I attributed that to age. I don’t have that anymore. Now, I only ache from class, and that’s a good ache! Those are good pains.

And, your personal life?

Yes, it’s helping me keep my sanity. I’ve gone back to school and work full-time. I’m sometimes overwhelmed with being a mom of three teenagers. This is my outlet to keep…balanced. It’s something for me. I give myself 3 – 5 hours a week.

I hear you!

It’s a priority now. It’s not an option of, “Can I make it, or can I not?” I was worried once school started, but the priority is there.

What do you do?

I teach 7th grade science at Grassland Middle School. I love my 7th graders! I’m also in graduate school for speech pathology.

What are your teenagers saying?

They think it’s great. They’ve noticed. My youngest is very strong and athletic. When I showed him my push up, he was pretty impressed. Then, he proceeded to show me HIS push ups with claps in between. I showed my husband. He said, “You need to go down a little bit further.” Three weeks later I showed him that I could go all the way down to my nose! It’s amazing how you progress if you are faithful and push yourself. I’ve done so many things before, but with those programs you do the same thing for six weeks. Maybe I gained a little strength. But, here, Kelly’s got something going on. It’s different all the time – always challenging. It’s really good. I’m to the point now if someone told me I couldn’t come to Franklin Wheelhouse anymore, I think I would go into a panic!

I agree! I think it’s the muscle confusion.

I’m telling you, when I did that 24 day AdvoCare Challenge—eating like we do here and walking—I lost one pound. With Kelly, I think it’s the muscle confusion. It’s been amazing. I’ve lost weight before, but now my body has been reshaped. I’ve lost more than 22 lbs AND I’ve gained serious muscle. I’m wearing sleeveless shirts again!

Yes, I remember you saying you wouldn’t wear sleeveless shirts.

I look so much better. I feel so much better. One thing I notice with women who invest in themselves and begin to transform, they walk differently. It’s a self-confidence. I was trying to hide before. I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

What would you say to someone else with a negative attitude?

I would say…#1, don’t stop trying different things; and #2, give it six weeks, and see what happens.

How much of this transformation has been a mental journey?

Staying mentally focused? You have to be committed. That’s why I say give it six weeks; you’ll see results and keep going. You’ve got to decide, “I’m not going to eat that chocolate chip cookie I just made for everyone else.” I do like to have a glass of wine on the weekends, so I give myself a little treat every now and then. I feel healthy, mentally and physically. And GR-eat!

Trainer Thoughts: Kelly Kanski

One of the moments I love most in Julee’s story is that she is managing the rest of her life better because she has added time to exercise and eat well. That is so counter-intuitive, right? When there are only 24 hours in a day and you are struggling to manage work, mom responsibilities, meaningfull relationships, schedules and even in Julee’s case – grad school, I know diet and exercise are easily pushed down on the list of priorities or viewed with guilt that it’s something you should do but just don’t have time for. Make time! I encourage you to try our program and see results!  You’ll gain confidence, strength, insight and a greater love for living. See if everything else just falls into place. Do not be surprised if your new lifestyle permeates into your relationships, work performance and self-esteem. But also be aware that you’ll most likely lose – you’ll lose weight, inches, excuses, baggage, and that nagging guilt. Hmmm…not such a bad deal in my book. 🙂

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