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Tomorrow is a Critical Transition.

You are in your final day of Phase 1 of your nutritional transformation. Congratulations! This day should feel routine and much easier mentally and physically than days 1-3. Enjoy it and just ride this day out! You should feel less reliant on food in general as well as the sugar, salt and chemical content so get outside, start a project or do something fun! If you’re still dying to open a carton of ice cream or bag of chips, you may need more time to break your addiction response to these foods! Be mindful of this and don’t put yourself in positions where you might be tempted beyond your control.

Did you clean your kitchen?

By this time, you have cleaned out your pantry and fridge so it is less-likely you will be tempted to eat sugar or processed foods.  Stay on the outside aisle in the grocery store and do not dine in restaurants.

Don't go hog-wild! Stay with the program.

Phase 2 is much easier, but still demands your complete abstinence from processed sugars and poor-quality foods. It is our mission at Franklin Wheelhouse to empower you through both nutrition and movement to live your best life. 

Nutritional Coaching is about integrating healthy foods into your unique physical makeup and lifestyle, fueling your body for optimal living. For many of us, healthy eating becomes a journey of re-education and self-discovery.  It takes time and planning, and it sometimes takes support, coaching and expertise. The goal is to help you accomplish your ideal weight and feel empowered to maintain long-term health. It’s a lifestyle change – one that brings more confidence and richness to your living.

So Now What?

Phase 2 involves transitioning you into a clean-eating regimen that is based on single ingredient, nutrient dense foods. You’ve worked so hard and are on the path to breaking your body’s reliance on sugar, salt and processed ingredients. Your transition to clean eating is dependent on your prior consumption of these foods before Kickstart. 

For Phase 2, the same rules apply by eating 4-6 times each day, 2-3 hours apart and following the portion sizes and serving amounts for the foods listed on the Official Food Guide.

Can I give you a suggestion? If there’s one thing you commit to this next week, it’s to STAY WITH BREAKFAST! Eggs (yolks included) and Oats. Please check out the links below for a variety of ways to prepare each of these! I’m sure you’ll be excited and inspired! 🙂 I know an Oatmeal Smoothie may sound gross, but it’s literally my favorite breakfast! YUM!

Contact Franklin Wheelhouse for further support and questions. Nutrition Coaching and Support for the short or long-term is key to sustaining nutritional health and having it work for your individual needs. Remember, this is not a quick-fix or a “diet”. The Franklin Wheelhouse Nutrition Plan is intended to promote a lifestyle change.

Official Food Guide

Egg Recipes

Oat Recipes

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