Personal Training

Trainer Kelly Kanski teaching TRX student at Franklin Wheelhouse

“The chief cause of common faults in games and exercises is ignorance…others fail because they are in the wrong position; there are some who have almost their whole body in the wrong position; there are some who have only parts of it wrong. The chief cause of all these mistakes was that [he] had practiced the whole movement as a whole movement and not part-by-part.”  —Drs. F.A. Schmidt and Eustace H. Miles

In personal training, each foundational movement is broken down into a beginning, middle, and end position. The movements have detailed performance standards associate with them, which are observable, measurable, and repeatable. Simply telling someone “do a lunge” is not enough, nor is just showing them the complete movement once and expecting a perfect lunge as a result.

Whether it’s strength or stretch, Personal Training provides one-on-one coaching specific to your body’s movement patterns. You may be well-suited for this service if you are an athlete looking to improve performance, rehabilitating from an injury, needing increased length and flexibility, or desire a solid starting foundation toward continued exercise.