I started with Kelly to get in shape before my wedding. Little did I know, I would experience a complete lifestyle change. For that, I am forever grateful!

Kari W
I actually miss working out when I can't be there! - Kristin M
9 pounds gone and stronger arms! - Rena B

At 56, I’m the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been. I’ve never felt better!

Jane M
NOT quitting, WOOHOO!  -Anne Marie S

My strength has increased and my 3 mile run times are the lowest in my life. At my age, that’s a HUGE accomplishment!

Joanie W
More strength, less weight, more confidence and determination and a wonderful group of friends and coaches that honestly have me looking forward to my next workout. 
- Karen W
10 pounds. Gone!  -Mary B

I have maintained a 30 pound weight loss for a year and feel so much stronger. My arthritis symptoms have improved and I no longer have the need for ibuprofen each day.

Lyric O
Strength and healing. - Nan G
I have so much self confidence! - Michelle F

I purposely stand closer to the mirror in class because I’m slowly learning to love myself the way God made me. 

Anne C
I feel very strong. These workouts give me confidence! 
- Diana B
Seeing my lost muscles coming back and receiving positive encouragement from the group has made me committed to showing up every session. - Allison K

Winning – TOGETHER!

Brock H
Holding a 1 minute plank in a community that cheered me on when I did! -Susanne L
This group of trainees has inspired me to reach higher in my own fitness goals with their grit and determination. Getting to know these folks individually is a privilege! 
-Heather W
Feeling strong and awesome. Also, losing 7 pounds doesn't hurt! -Debbie S

My clothes are looser! I love how every class is something different – keep it fresh!

Lisa L
Getting' STRONG! -Kim C
Not giving up on myself. -Lori H
10 pounds and improved energy! -Laura Beth F

I found my source of strength and support through Small Group Training.

Tram P
I actually enjoy exercising for the first time! -Amy O

Stronger. Healthier. Happier.

Patty N
Because I'm stronger, I can now scrub my bathtub without hurting!#*! 😉 -Tracy A

I love the class and feel like I am getting stronger. The energy and encouragement of friends keeps me coming back!

Denise G