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Teen Connect Recap

Most of the teens in FWH Connect don’t consider themselves athletes – and I LOVE that! It’s time to prove that we don’t have to be all-stars to reap the benefits of physical health! Yes, it’s true: health and wellness are even beneficial for common folk like you and me. :)These teens have shown up twice a week to tackle whatever is put in front of them with grit, guts, and determination. Read on…


At the start of our session, I quickly noticed that these teens were craving connection! This school year has been tough; so many changes and adjustments, new stressors, etc. Offering teens a safe space to see each other’s faces, work off stress, and spend time together has been liberating for them and super fun to watch. I am reminded that they are kids and are not meant to carry around the weight of the world! Our talking points have centered around 2 themes:

  1. I matter
  2. I have a voice

Group Dynamics

Against the backdrop of social media comparisons, this real-life group experience is even more crucial than I first realized. During class, teens experience what it’s like to give all-out effort in areas they’ve never tried before, may totally dislike, and really don’t feel confident in. They are red-faced, out of breath, and sweating – all in front of their peers and a huge wall of mirrors! Each week, I’ve watched them let go of external junk and dive deeper into real experience. W O W.

Trust is what makes these teens willing to try and fail and try again. They witness each other struggle and conquer. They encourage and pick each other up. They cheer each other on like crazy and share fits of laughter through it all. This is just some of what is being experienced within these groups.


Oh to be young again! The physical gains are much improved even in a short amount of time. We’ve focused on endurance, power, agility, strength, balance and flexibility. We’ve utilized many different modalities: TRX, Kickboxing, Slam Balls, Agility Ladders, Free Weights, etc. And yes, the rumors are true, we will move into some cardio dance during our final week together!  (Deep breath…I can do it! :)). Whatever it takes – I love to see these girls become confident in their bodies and believe they are capable of more than they realize. 


Thank you for sharing your daughters! They are bold and brave, considerate and kind and it’s been a privilege working with each of them. My goal is to empower teens to LOVE BIG. LIVE LOUD. I hope they’ve experienced some of that at Franklin Wheelhouse. Whether they are joining our next session or not, please feel free to reach out anytime. I am here to help! 🙂

Be Well,



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